A downloadable game for Windows

Do you like dungeon crawling? If so, welp, here's one. Oh, and it's got backstory:


+You are a travelling merchant, bring your wares to the town of Gelbiturner. Currently, you're heading through The West Forest of Sidington. +

+You're horses are pulling your cart behind them, the lush rays of sunlight beaming through the trees. +

+Suddenly, your eye glimpses something, as you look around, always on the watch for bandits. You stop your horses, and step down onto the well-trodden dirt road. +

+Curiosity overtakes you, and you go to inspect what you now recognize as a glimmer. You don't have to go far from the road to finally see what it is. +

+As you pick up the pearl necklace, it's one giant diamond set on a beautiful gold chain, you begin to feel the earth tremor beneath you. +

+As the soil below you opens up, you feel yourself begin to fall, vaguely aware of the necklace slipping from your fingers. +

+You hear a thud. See a bright light, but not the one you expected. You seem to have fallen down a fair ways into a trap, the vertical tunnel's walls too smooth to climb up.+

+Observing your surroundings, it would appear you're in the entrance to a cave, one long untouched by any living creature. +

+With all the courage you can muster, you begin your journey through the cave, in an attempt to escape. Can you survive, and breathe the air of the overworld once more. +


Install instructions

1. Download game.

2. Read provided .txt file.

3. Open Shortcut.

4. Play game.


A Hole In The Ground.zip 6 MB
A Hole In The Ground v2.zip 6 MB